Tele Radio City s.c.s. was born in 1979, three years after the foundation of Radio Sherwood, one of the first independent radios in Italy. The radio went on broadcasting in FM in the whole North Italy until 2011, when it was transformed in a webradio, and only few radio channels remained.

Since 1990 we organize Sherwood Festival, a musical, cultural, artistic, sporting, social and political event that lasts one month and takes place every summer in Padua. It probaby is the biggest musical and cultural independent festival in Italy in terms of duration, participation and quality of single events organized. Sherwood Festival happens thanks to the goodwill of social spaces, associations and individuals that work for its realization .

During the last years the activities of the cooperative have changed, and today we are mainly focused on four interconnected fields: communication and information; social projects; offer of multimedia services and of digital marketing; education and training.

Our job is based on a specific vision and on common values: non discrimination, equality, pluralism, social and climate justice.

Our projects and ideas are addressed to everybody, but with have a special attention to the most vulnerable people, to whom many tasks and training opportunities are offered.

One of the main characteristics of our job is the use of transmedia communication through writing, video and sound. From our perspective, the use of medias must be smart and interconnected, and have to overcome the traditional forms of communication.

We edit six online newspapers – all registered at ”Tribunale di Padova – Registro Stampa “. The main thematical fields are: social movements, political news, geopolitics, migrations, right of citizenship, economy, job, ecology, LGBTQI+ rights, sport, culture (music, literature, cinema, theatre).

We have an horizontal organizational structure, indeed our job is focused on cooperation in order to best improve individual competences and aptitudes, favouring creativity, sharing and sincere relationships with others. Every collaborator feels like being an active part of a community, having responsibilities/tasks of responsibilities or providing voluntary support. There are several activities that include: editing of websites; social media management; editorial and radio broadcast direction; creation of multimedia contents; graphic and web design; organization and promotion of training and cultural (meetings, talks, shows…) events both in-person and online.

Tele Radio City also works with occasional collaborators who have professional competencies and are qualified for specific projects.

In 2018 Tele Radio City obtained the “Quality Label” given by Agenzia Nazionale Giovani (ANG), and since then we have been hosting European Solidarity Corps’ volunteers for projects financed by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme.