When filling in your income tax returns, you can choose to support us and our social and editorial projects, allocating the 5×1000 of IRPEF directly to Tele Radio City.

How to do it?

  • Fill in the modello 730 or the Redditi (ex unico) form
  • Sign in the specific box (support to volunteering, to non-profit organizations, to associations of social promotion, etc…)
  • Enter the tax code of Tele Radio City:


Why should I do it?

By donating us the 5×1000 scheme you will help us to develop our organization and our social and editorial projects. (o, per non ripetere,: you will help us to be able to do more and to do it better)

Does it cost anything?

No, the allocation of 5×1000 will have no direct cost to you.