1990 – current

In 1990 TRC begun to organize Sherwood Festival: a musical, cultural, artistic, sporting, social and political event that lasts one month and takes place every summer in Padua.


Tele Radio City S.C.S. was formally established.


Radio Sherwood, one the first independent radio in Italy, was created. It then became a reference point of the alternative culture and of social movements. Radio shows are based on news reports, in-depth analyses, reportage and cultural shows. Since the beginning we have put into practice the method of the widespread editorial staff, a very innovative approach in that period.

Below you can find a list of the most important activities
that have taken place during the years:


Researching and planning for the making of a documentary that talks about the integration of the beneficiaries of the project Sprar Finale Ligure (SV) 2018-2020, commissioned by Jobel s.c.s..

2020 – current

Collaboration to the project “Illustrated Guide. Children for unaccompanied foreign children” financed with the 8/1000 funds of 2020 of the Tavola Valdese and realized by the association Melting Pot ODV.


Radio Sherwood is among the founders of “Gemini”, a network of more than 10 independent radios from all over Italy. In September 2020 the first festival of the network was held in Perugia.

2019 – current

Partnership to the project “Odiare non è uno sport” (“Hate is not a sport”), financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS – project number AID011797) and aimed at the prevention and at the fighting of hate speech in the field of non professional sports. Tele Radio City’s task is the realization of a counter-narrative and of a multimedia campaign, in which also famous people of the sports world participate. Thanks to this project our organization has improved its knowledge and its competences about the relationship between communication and social inclusion.

2019 – current

Partnership to the Strategic EVS project “Welcome”, whose leader is the association Xena. Thanks to this project the volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps are hosted.

2019 – current

TRC has supported the launch of “Lesvos Calling”, a social and political campaign focused on the so-called “Balkan route”. The campaign organizes journeys for monitoring the situation there and for bringing concrete solidarity from the Greek hotspot island of Lesvos to Trieste, at the border between Italy and Slovenia.


ESF programme 2019 – “Class on journalism and migration of the project Melting Pot Europe” at the Istituto Rainerum – Salesiani Don Bosco in Bolzano.

2018 – 2019

Radio Sherwood collabora alla realizzazione di “Press To”, kermesse di radio indipendenti che si è svolta a Perugia durante i giorni del Festival Internazionale del Giornalismo.

2018 – 2019

Collaboration to the project “Radio Melting Pot” financed through the 8/1000 fund of 2019 of the Tavola Valdese and realized by the Association Melting Pot ODV.

2018 – current

Collaboration to the project “MP Play – Video Pillole sulla Legge Salvini” (“MP Play – Short Videos about the Salvini Law”, financed by Lush s.r.l. and realized by the Association Melting Pot ODV.


Tele Radio City obtained the “Quality Label” given by Agenzia Nazionale Giovani (ANG), and since then we have been hosting European Solidarity Corps’ volunteers for projects financed by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme.


Administration and collaboration to the project of monitoring reception and detention centres of the campaign “LasciateCIEntrare”, financed by Open Society Foundations.

2015 – 2018

TRC supports “Overthefortress”, a political and social campaign that brings real and concrete solidarity to the people that are making their journey through the Balkan Route, particularly to those who are in the big Idomeni informal camp at the border between Greece and Macedonia. Here the cooperative offers technical instruments and support for the realization of the project “Una parabola per Idomeni”.

2014 – current

Training initiatives on immigration and asylum law organized by “Progetto Melting Pot”. Courses can be both in-person and online and are offered to: local authorities; associations; lawyers; third sector actors; experts and non experts; public administration employees who are in need to improve their knowledge in this field (teachers, social workers, etc).

2012 – 2014

Partnership in the European project “Community of citizens – Youth sharing their values”.
Leader of the project: Associação PAR – Respostas Sociais.

Aim of the project: to work on awareness raising within the EU citizenship construction, namely within Youth citizenship, using the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU as a reference (Lisbon Treaty).

Objectives of the project: The global objective is to activate youth participation as citizens in the construction of Europe, building a Community of Practice where youth can share their experience on Fundamental Rights, and supporting a strong advocacy process – through a Challenge for youth to ‘tell’ their digital narratives, plus training, media relations, events, web 2.0 tools and a final Conference

Role in the project: Building of an online platform; identification and training of CoP (Community of Practice) facilitator and of thematic experts; actions of support of CoP and dissemination (cultural events, online meeting) for the challenge; launch of the event and training/creation of the panel of judges. Creation of a network between formal and unformal groups.

2011 – 2012

Partnership in the European project “Citizens without borders”
Lead partner of the project: GVC Italia

Aim of the project: To raise awareness and to improve knowledge about EU rules on free movement.

Objectives of the project: Raise awareness and to improve knowledge of the legal and bureaucratic communities and of local authorities about EU rules on free movement. In addition to enhance the awareness and the knowledge of EU citizens about EU rules on free movement and residence and to promote the full implementation of these rights. Finally, improve the knowledge of participating countries creating tools for sharing best practices.

Role in the project: Realization and launch of the communication campaign; organization of meetings and press conferences; creation of an interactive web page; improve, dissemination and strengthening of European instruments.

2008 – 2011

“Asilo a Venezia” (Asylum in Venice) is an instrument created by Melting Pot Europa in partnership with Progetto Fontego of Venice municipality under the interventions envisaged by the Sistema di Protezione per Richiedenti Asilo e Rifugiati (SPRAR).

2002 – current

“Global Project” is launched at the European Social Forum held in Florence in 2002. “Global Project” is an intersection of different ways of communication, composed of: a paper magazine (Global magazine), a radio broadcasting network (Global Radio), and a TV Channel (Global TV). In 2003 the project becomes an online platform.

1997 – 2010

Melting Pot Europa project starts with the creation of a broadcasted legal counselling that was translated in 5 languages. The project was initially financed by the Councillor of social policy and relations with volunteerism (Assessorato Politiche Sociali e Rapporti con il Volontariato ) with volunteerism of Venice municipality.

1988 – 1996

In 1988 Radio Sherwood – together with other free radios and TV groups coming from Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland – takes part to the project “European Counter Network E.C.N.”. In 1991 Padua is one of the ten Italian knots of this network. Between 1993 and 1994 E.C.N. becomes a new social and political subjects, and in 1996 the project “Isole nella Rete” (Islands in the network) was created, with the aim of moving the main contents of the E.C.N. network in the web.