Tele Radio City s.c.s. is a social cooperative editor of six online newspapers – all registered at “Tribunale di Padova, Registro Stampa”.

Below you can find a description of all of them:

Global Project is a multimedia platform born in 2002 on the wake of the political, cultural and social unrests that followed the “No-Global Movement”, that reached its peak with the G8 of Genoa in 2001. Since then represents the reference point for social centres and movements at Italian and international level. One of its main goal is to be the meeting point of different narrative and communicative languages, thanks to all the media-activists who describe the main political events through articles, videos and pictures. The hardcore of the editorial staff is based in North-East Italy, but other small editorial staff are spread around Italy, while a number of collaborators write from abroad. The website is divided into three big sections: “In movimento” (“On movement”), “Mondi” (“Worlds”) and “Produzioni” (“Productions”). The first section focuses on political news, investigative journalism and theoretical analysis in the fields of ecology, economy, work, right of citizenship, migration, feminism and post-colonialism. In 2015 has been created a section on political ecology, in order to develop theoretical analyses on the relationship between the ecological crisis and political, economic and social factors. The second section, whose name derives from the famous Zapatista slogan “a world where many worlds fit”, offers a perspectives on political and geopolitical topics at international level. Finally, the last section concerns the field of free and independent productions and, more generally, the world of culture.

Melting Pot Europa

Melting Pot Europa is a project of independent communication born in 1997. Always keeping in mind the strict relationship between global and local processes, Melting Pot Europa narrates and analyses the changements of the migration phenomenon in Italy and Europe. The project was created as a multilingual legal counselling show firstly broadcasted by Radio Sherwood, and then uploaded on-line. The main changement took place in 2003, when the website was created. This represented a turning point in the evolution from being a local broadcasting entity to become an innovative project of communication and training at national and European level. In 2007 Melting Pot Europa won the “eContent Award Italy” prize for the category “e-inclusion”. The website is divided into 2 sections : “Citizenships” and “Sans-Papier”. Thanks to such a division we can offer information, analyses and reports from the point of view of the protagonists of migration processes and of those solidarity experiences that support migrant people. Moreover, in the website you can also find useful information and analyses both for those who work in this field, as well as for foreign citizens. Finally, Melting Pot Europa must be considered as a space for thinking and building a new and comprehensive narration on migration, where cooperation, sharing and connection are the main elements for the promotion and support of social and political campaigns for the freedom of movement and for the guarantee of rights of citizenship. is a multimedia portal of communication born in 2011 with the aim of spreading culture, entertainment and information in a new and independent way, totally free from the mainstream logic. Indeed, in 2011 Radio Sherwood decided to focus all its work on the digital world, enriching its offer and expanding at national level. The horizontally structured editorial staff, is composed by a group of collaborators that share the values of inclusion and creativity, is based in Padua, but is helped by many other people from the North-East of Italy. was created due to the need of finding a wider and better way of communication, like the web, for bringing more attention and for further spread its social and cultural project. Currently, 15 radio shows go on the air, some on streaming and some as podcast. Our radio shows make room not only to music, but also to political and informative shows where gender issues, antiracism and antifascism are among the main topics. In the website you can also find a “Webzine” or, in other words, a section, edited by the collective Sherbooks, fully dedicated to the indipendent and autonomous cultural and publishing production. Here you can find reviews, analyses, interviews and previews, and you can read about books, comics, music, cinema and art in general. Moreover, hosts photo galleries, video and the musical and cultural programs of the main social spaces in the North-East of Italy.

Sport alla Rovescia

Sport alla Rovescia was born in 2004 as a radio show, usually broadcasted on Sunday by Radio Sherwood. The editorial staff felt the need to show that if you talk about sport in a certain way, you can not only talk about politics, but that sometimes the link between sport and politics makes your discourse easier to understand and more effective. There were different sections, where you could listen talking about doping, hooligans, big events and of every type of sport from all the world. In 2005 Radio Sherwood created its sport desk that, thanks to its blog, begun to collaborate with famous Italian journalists. In 2012 the new website was online, and in 2015 Sport alla Rovescia was officially registered as a newspaper. At the same time thanks to the continuous production of dossier and investigations, Sport alla Rovescia became the driving force of a number of controversies and launched many campaigns at national level. In 2012 we participated at the campaign “Gioco anch’io” for the abrogation of discriminatory norms that did not allow non-Italian players to be part of a team. In 2013 we launched the campaign “NoDisex”, for the introduction in the statute of CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) of rules for the protection from discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. After few years of “break”, in 2016 radio shows started again. In 2017 was launched the campaign “We Want To Play”, for the changement, or total abrogation, of rules in the regulation of FIGC (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) that prevented the membership of non-European players. Today, Sport alla Rovescia continues to narrate, imagine and promote a different idea of sport.

Dossier Libia

Dossier Libia is a spin-off of the campaign “LasciateCIEntrare” and “Progetto Melting Pot Europa”, and was created thanks to a collaboration between some journalists and the civil society. The aim is to unify and incorporate in one tool of communication all the investigations, documents, articles, interviews, videos, analyses publishes by national and international medias, such as Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, Medu and many other. In this website you can also find unpublished file, like videos and recording from Libyan lagers, that we have thanks to our networks of activists. Dossier Libia is also a means of advocacy and of exerting pressure on the Italian Government, the European Council, the European Commissioner for Justice and Equality, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the Commissioner for Human Rights, the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) and the UN. An other goal, in common with ASGI (Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration) and many other entities at national and international level), is to show the juridical responsibility of the European Union and the member states (and in particular of Italy) in the rescue operations of migrants operated by the Lybian coast guard in collaboration with, or under the leadership of, the Marina Italiana or European Agencies. the website was created having a lot of attention on security issues, both in order to avoid informatic attacks, and to guarantee the protection of our sources, the anonymity of reports and of people we are in contact with.

Eco Magazine

EcoMagazine was created in 2010 with the aim of establishing a permanent observatory of the environmental destruction of Veneto and of its resulting effects. EcoMagazine was officially registered in 2013. Its editorial staff is composed by those people who actively participate in territorial and local committees. It is a form of citizen journalism based on the values and on the practices of ecologism, common goods and environmentalism. EcoMagazine is mainly focused on Veneto Region, a territory that must be considered as an experiment for the management of the so called Shock Economy, where you can face the consequences of the upcoming end of a model based on fossil fuels. Thanks to the direct experience of activists, we offer a point of view of all the disasters caused by major and minor infrastructure projects: Mo.S.E. (Experimental Electromechanical Module, a project intended to protect the city of Venice and the Venetian Lagoon from flooding); Valdastico (the project of extension of the highway A31); Pedemontana (the creation of a new highway in Veneto); cement factories in Padua that were intended to become incinerators; PFAS (Perfluoroalkylated substances) contamination found in the drinking-water in parts of the Veneto Region; the U.S. military complex in Vicenza; TAV (high-speed rail) between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia Regions; Grandi Navi (the big ships that go through the Venice lagoon, causing lots of damages at environmental level). In 2017 we redesigned the website, in order to be able to answer to the new communication strategies based on video, social medias and infographics.